Jamie's Footballer Injury

Jamie, a 12 year old Chihuahua, visited Reservoir Veterinary Clinic with his owner last month after he started limping. Dr Wayne gave Jamie a full examination and found he had ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in his left hind leg. This ligament is one of two found inside the stifle joint (knee) and can occur in dogs and footballers!!

Dr Wayne admitted Jamie into the hospital and placed him on a heat pad to make him comfortable. Under general anaesthetic Dr Wayne was able to surgical repair the torn ligament in Jamie’s stifle joint. Throughout the procedure Jamie received intravenous fluids to support his blood pressure. Jamie recovered well from the anaesthetic, and had pain relief for a good night sleep. The next morning Jamie was reunited with his mum.

Jamie returned to the clinic 2 weeks later to show how well he was doing and to have his skin sutures removed. He was very happy as he was able to use his leg again. However, Dr Wayne warned him it would take another four weeks till it was completely healed.