Introducing Beamer

Sadly one of our regular clients had to say goodbye to her long time companion of many years. Being at home without her friend was quite sad, so she decided to adopt a new dog into her family. After some research she decided to adopt a dog from a rescue centre. She fell in love with Beamer, a 4 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Beamer was brought to us for a check up and to be castrated. Dr Raj examined Beamer and found that he was in perfect health. He was therefore scheduled for surgery for his castration the following day. Beamer was placed on an intravenous fluids (a drip) prior to having his anaesthetic administered. Unfortunately, anaesthetic drugs can cause a drop in blood pressure so by using an intravenous fluid drip before, during and after his surgery we can control Beamer's blood pressure and prevent a drop in occurring. Dr Raj performed the surgery on Beamer while our nurse, Janelle monitored his anaesthetic. Throughout the surgery Janelle monitored Beamer's vital signs which included his heart rate, respiratory rate, anaesthetic depth and blood pressure.

Beamer was a star patient and he was very brave throughout his stay in the hospital ward. He was very excited to see his owner at the end of the day. He has recovered well at home and is back causing lots of mischief at home.