Hunter the Ferret

Our job is always exciting and we love getting to meet all different animals, not just dogs and cats. Recently one of our existing clients added a new member to their family in Hunter, the Ferret.

Hunter was adopted through the local rescue group, Victorian Ferret Society. His owners tell us that the ferret group was incredibly helpful. Each ferret comes trained, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped. There is also a two week trial period to make sure that they are an ideal pet for your home.

Hunter was brought in shortly after they adopted him for a vaccination and check up with Dr. Andrea. Hunter was very curious and the nurses at reception got a quick cuddle as he explored the desk. A beautiful sable colour, Hunter was in wonderful condition. He was very well behaved and sat nicely while Andrea checked him over. He was also given his yearly vaccination for distemper.

Hunter's owners report that he is an extremely friendly little family pet and fits in well with their cat and dog. He sleeps a lot but when he is awake he is very active and loves to explore the house when let out of his cage in the evening. They have got him a harness and have begun taking him for short walks too. He is a hit with visitors and their teenage foster kids although they wouldn't recommend a ferret as a pet for a family with young children.

Ferrets are an intelligent and curious animal that love to sleep. When awake they are lively, active and like to be kept busy. Ferrets are becoming more popular as pets, an easy care pet with a big personality, they have lots to offer! It is always important to do lots of research before getting a new pet to make sure they are a good fit for you and your family.

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