Honey's adventure - A tale of love, loss and a microchip!

Honey is a 14 year old Pomeranian who has caused no end of drama! She was initially adopted from a rescue centre when she was about four years old. After four happy years living with her owners Honey then went missing! Honey's poor owners searched high and low for her and contacted all of the pounds and animal shelters but she was no where to be seen. Her owners were distraught and after some months had to accept the fact that Honey was gone, and while they never forgotten Honey they never expected to see her again.

Six years later and Honey's owners were sitting at home when they received a call from the Lost Dogs' Home claiming to have found their dog. This initially caused some confusion as now they owned a Shih Tzu called Coco. When they went to the Lost Dogs Home they found a familiar face. Honey was back! The owners cried with happiness at seeing their lost Honey. Honey recognised her owners and was also overjoyed! After taking Honey home, her owners decided that they should get her checked by the vet to make sure she was all healthy.

Honey was brought in to Reservoir Veterinary Clinic where she was presented to Dr Suzanne for a full check up, which is especially important as she is a senior. During the check up it was found that Honey had some arthritis that was preventing her from moving her legs comfortably, and her teeth were not looking good and would require treatment under anaesthetic. Dr Suzanne vaccinated and wormed Honey, and suggested taking a blood test to make sure her liver, kidneys and other organs were all working well. Poor Honey also contracted canine cough and had to be treated with antibiotics.

The blood test results showed that Honey did have mild damage to her liver and that it would be best to hold off giving her an anaesthetic until we repeated the blood test in a month's time to see how the liver was functioning. Honey also needed to have a booster vaccination in a month to bring all her vaccinations up to date.

Honey's owner is extremely happy to have her back. If Honey had not been microchipped, she might have been lost forever. In the past year Reservoir Vet Clinic has had three dogs that have been missing for over a year being reunited with their owners, all thanks to their microchips!

Honey has settled back in well at home with her new sibling Coco and is looking forward to living the quiet life now.