Harry recovers from surgery

Harry has been seen regularly at the clinic last year due to an inflammatory reaction he had on his back. This meant that Harry had to undergo surgery to remove the inflamed tissue which was not allowing the area to heal and reduce in size. Harry was very adorable and very brave as he underwent a total of 3 surgeries.

Cheeky Harry managed to scratch his surgery site with his hind legs so his owner had to tape socks to his feet to stop this. Harry had to spend several days in hospital so that we could keep him confined as excess exercise meant that the his body would cause a seroma, which is a swelling of fluid under the skin and that in turn meant that it would take longer for the skin to heal. Once he was allowed to go home he was also needed to visit the clinic every few days for revisits so the vets could keep a close eye on the wound to ensure it was healing and not infected. Finally after 4 weeks the wound has completely healed, to the relief of his owners and all staff! Despite all of this he still bounds in the door and greets all the staff with a big smile and a lick.