Good Baxter prepares for his surgery

Baxter is a 6 month old golden Labrador Retriever who has visited us regularly since his owners adopted him as a puppy. Baxter attended our Puppy Pre-school when he was just 2 months old and since then his owners have done a great job in training and socialising him. Training is best started at a young age but any dog of any age can learn new behaviours if owners are consistent and dedicated. A well behaved dog is a dream for any vet or vet nurse to work with as they are easier to examine and restrain for procedures.

Baxter came to the clinic in September to be desexed. His owners opted to do a pre-anaesthetic blood test before his surgery. This is a screening test to ensure his liver and kidney function were healthy before giving him any anaesthetic drugs. We often recommend it for extra peace of mind before surgeries. Baxter sat quietly for us making it very easy to take the blood sample. When we compare this to a boisterous dog of Baxter's size who needs much more restraint, the whole procedure is much less stressful both for the veterinary team and the patient. Baxter's blood results were all normal so we went ahead with his desexing procedure.

Dr Suzanne and Nurse Amanda worked together to place Baxter on an intravenous fluid drip. These fluids help to maintain a patient's blood pressure when under anaesthetic, as well as providing intravenous access for drugs to be administered. Again Baxter was quiet and a model patient while his fluid line was placed. Nurse Amanda monitored his vital signs and anaesthetic depth while Dr Suzanne performed the castration surgery. Baxter recovered well in our hospital and waited quietly for his mum and dad to pick him up and take him home.

Training and socialisation is very important for all dogs. It makes them pleasant to be around and easy to work with. It is also good for the dog's health as they are less anxious and stressed, as well as more easily examined and treated. If you need help with your dog's behaviour and training, please feel free to ask our friendly vets and nurses for advice. We also offer in-depth behaviour consultations for tricky problems and can even refer you to reputable dog trainers and behaviourists. For further information visit this link - Training basics: Starting off on the right paw.

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