Dog bites Puddleduck

Meet Puddleduck, a 4 year old mallard duck who was hand raised from a duckling and kept as a backyard pet. His owners are very fond of him so brought him to see us after they found that he had a wound on his neck. It looked as though he had been attacked and bitten by a dog. They found the wound when they went to check on him after noticing he was quieter than normal and a little off his food.

Dr Lan examined Puddleduck and found two wounds on his neck. It certainly looked as though a dog had had a chew on him! Even though his owners had only noticed the wounds that day, they were actually at least a few days old. This is fairly common as many animals will hide signs of illness or injury. In the wild it is the weak animals who fall prey to predators first. Poor Puddleduck did his best to hide that the pain for as long as he could. Thankfully his owners were keen observers and brought him to us at the first sign of illness.

Dr Lan decided that the wounds would need cleaning and stitching so Puddleduck was admitted to hospital for surgery that same day. He was very well behaved and a very easy patient to work with. Nurse Dee assisted Dr Lan and monitored Puddleduck's vital signs while he was under anaesthetic.

Puddleduck's wounds were soon clean and stitched up. He was a very lucky duck as one of the puncture wounds was very close to his jugular vein. He was given some antibiotics and pain relief. Soon he was awake and recovering in the hospital. His owners picked him up to take him home later that day. In order to keep his wounds clean and dry, Puddleduck was not allowed to go swimming. His owners kept him indoors and away from his pond.

Puddleduck came back a few days later for a post-operative check, and again a week later. Dr Lan was very happy with how he healed. He is now back in the water being a happy, healthy duck that he is. We hope he stays out of trouble and the dogs stay away from him!