Desexing a ferret - meet Knuckles

Knuckles is a 6 month old ferret that was bought to the Reservoir Veterinary Clinic for desexing. Desexing a female ferret involves removing her uterus and ovaries. Female ferrets are seasonal breeders and induced ovulators. This means that a female ferret that is not mated will not ovulate so will remain in oestrus. These high oestrogen levels lead to alopecia (hair loss), bone marrow suppression and cancers.

To prevent these conditions the answer is to spay all female ferrets that are not used for breeding. Desexing ferrets can also assist in reducing their powerful scent as the musky smell of ferrets is under hormonal control.

Dr Andrea examined Knuckles on the day of her surgery to ensure that she was healthy enough to have an anaesthetic. Luckily she passed with flying colours. While she was under anaesthetic nurse Janelle monitored her vital signs to ensure that nothing untoward would happen. Nurse Janelle ensured that Knuckles was kept warm while she was asleep. This is extremely important in small patients as they can lose body heat very easily under anaesthetic.

Knuckles was very brave for her surgery. She was the perfect patient and did not complain at all. She recovered well from the anaesthetic and was even nice enough to give Dr Andrea cuddles when she was awake from her surgery.