Coco the rabbit has a big day out at the vet

This month’s patient of the month is a very special visitor to Reservoir Vet Clinic. Coco, the 11 month old rabbit from Thomastown West Primary School came to the clinic to be desexed.

Coco is a very popular class room bunny.

Dr Raj Wicks admitted Coco into the hospital after a full examination. He found Coco to be in perfect health. Coco’s vaccinations were up to date and he was in good condition.

Dr Raj performed the desexing procedure, which involved removing both of Coco’s testicles. Veterinary nurse Kylie monitored Coco’s anaesthetic throughout the procedure and afterwards recovered Coco on a heat pad. Within half an hour after the surgery Coco was up and eating again.

The following day, a very happy Coco returned to his place in the class room.