Chance’s Sore Tooth

Chance is a 12 year old Kelpie cross and during a routine senior check up with Dr Raj he noticed that she had fractured her carnassial tooth, which is the largest molar towards the back of her mouth. The pulp, or nerve of the tooth, was exposed which meant that Chance would have had some pain and discomfort around that tooth. Chance was booked in to have the tooth removed under a general anaesthetic and to have a clean of her other teeth.

On the day of surgery Dr Raj performed a pre-anaesthetic check on Chance, prior to admitting her to the hospital ward. Chance was given a clean bill of health so she was admitted to the hospital and was given a fluffy bed so that she was comfortable until her time of surgery.

Chance was given a pre medication which helps to settle any nerves and Nurse Sommer placed her on an intravenous fluid drip prior to surgery. The intravenous fluid drip helps to protect her kidneys while she is under general anaesthesia by ensuring her blood pressure doesn't fall too low.

Dr Raj administered the anaesthetic while Nurse Janelle monitored Chance's vital signs. Dr Raj examined and charted all of Chance's teeth and he found there were 2 extra pre molar teeth that were diseased and required extraction. The carnassial tooth is quite a large tooth to remove so Chance was asleep for some time. Fortunately her blood pressure remained stable and she recovered very well from her anaesthetic.

Chance was such a lovely girl to have in hospital. She was very polite and brave and when nurse Janelle took her drip off she cuddled in for a big smooch! She was extremely excited when she saw her mum, so it was very hard to take a picture of her as she was bouncing all over the clinic.