Brave Butchy endures car accident

Butchy, a beautiful 9 year old cat, was brought into our clinic in June after he went missing overnight. He returned to his owners the next morning and his mouth and face were covered in blood. His poor owner rushed him to us where he was seen by Dr Andrea.

After examining Butchy, Dr Andrea believed the most likely cause was that poor Butchy was hit by a car, with his head taking the brunt of the trauma. Dr Andrea could see a lot of swelling around his jaw and it was obvious that his jaw had been fractured. Since Butchy was in shock, it was decided the best thing to do was to stabilise him overnight and give him some pain relief and then proceed with x­-rays and surgery the following day.

Butchy was admitted and immediately placed on intravenous fluids. He was given pain relief and antibiotics. He was then placed in a nice warm, kennel and hand fed by the nurse on duty, Elyse. Before leaving for the evening Butchy was doing much better and seemed comfortable and stable.

The next morning Dr Lan and Nurse Lindsay prepared Butchy for his x­-rays and surgery. He was placed under anaesthesia so a radiograph could be taken of his jaw, head and abdomen. He had full body x­-rays to ensure that there was no damage to other organs from the trauma of the car crash. Luckily for Butchy it was just his jaw which had been fractured. He had what was known as a mandibular symphysis fracture. The mandible being the lower jaw. Since he was already under anaesthesia Dr Lan could proceed with the surgery.

Once Butchy was asleep Dr Lan was able to take a good look of his mouth and see that he had actually torn his tongue almost in two. The first thing she did was sutured the tongue back together. After this she wired the lower jaw back into place. Butchy would need to keep the wire in place for 6 weeks to ensure that the jaw healed.

After surgery Butchy was placed in his cage with warm blankets and a heating pad as when an animal undergoes an anaesthetic they lose the ability to maintain their body temperature. Butchy was checked regularly to ensure he was recovering nicely. He remained in hospital for a couple of days until he was able to eat on his own again.

Butchy has now been back with his owners for almost a month. He comes back weekly for a check up. He is doing well and should have his wire removed in a couple of weeks.

On another note, this is actually the second time Butchy has been featured as a Patient of the Monthj. Back in 2012 Butchy had a urinary blockage. As much as we love seeing you, stay out of trouble, Butchy!