Bonny's urinary issues

Meet beautiful American Bulldog, Bonny. Her owners brought her in on a Saturday in early October as she had been having some urinary issues. She had been straining for a little while and had been diagnosed with incontinence by another veterinary clinic. Her owners felt that even on the medication Bonny was still not right so brought her in to see if something else might be going on.

Dr Andrea conducted a physical examination on Bonny. After a good feel of her bladder, Dr Andrea noted that it felt almost a bit gravelly which could indicate that they might be bladder stones. It was important to get a urine sample to see what was going on with Bonny. Her owners took her outside and were able to get some urine for the veterinarian to run some tests on.

It was obvious after looking at the urine, both through tests and under the microscope, that Bonny had a urinary tract infection. However, Dr Andrea advised Bonny's owner that the best way to proceed was to send the sample off to an external laboratory and see if they thought it would likely be bladder stones as well. Bonny was dispensed some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for her infection and was sent home to wait for the test results.

A few days later the results came back. It was likely Bonny had bladder stones and the best course of action was to have her come in for x-rays and possible surgery depending on what the radiographs showed. Her owners were very happy to go ahead with this and she was scheduled in for a few days later.

Bonny's surgery was performed by Dr Andrea and Nurse Sharyn. Radiographs were first taken of her bladder and at least 7 stones could be seen. Due to these findings it was necessary to proceed with the surgery which is known as a cystotomy. The surgery went really well and Dr Andrea removed a total of 19 stones from Bonny's bladder!!

Bonny recovered in hospital on intravenous fluids for the remainder of the day but was able to go home to her very worried family that night. She will be on a special diet and antibiotics for the coming months and then her urine will be tested again.

Hopefully poor Bonny won't have to go through an ordeal like this ever again!