Bok gets his teeth cleaned

Did you know that dog's and cat's teeth need regular care just like ours do? Bok is a 5 year old Staffordshire Terrier cross. At a recent visit to us, it was noticed that Bok had some plaque building up on his teeth. It was only causing minor discomfort and thankfully no other problems just yet, but our veterinarians and Bok's owner decided that it would be best to give his teeth a quick scale and polish to prevent them from getting any worse. At Reservoir Veterinary Clinic, the better the teeth are, the cheaper the dental treatment!

Just like humans' teeth, your pet's teeth can be affected by plaque, which left untreated, can lead to tartar, gingivitis and decay. Your pet's teeth can become damaged and cause soreness in their mouth. You may notice them eating less or having trouble chewing. If you see any of these signs, it can mean that they have severe dental disease. In its early stages, dental disease can simply be some bad breath and some plaque on the teeth. It is much better for your pet to clean the teeth at this stage than it is to let them get worse. You can help your pet keep his teeth clean by giving him things to chew on, such as bones, chicken necks, rawhide or special dry foods such as Hills T/D, which is designed to rub debris off the teeth while it is chewed. You can also brush your pet's teeth with a special pet toothbrush and toothpaste. You can even use a soft child's toothbrush but NEVER use human toothpaste.

A dental treatment requires your pet to have a general anaesthetic and this was the case with Bok. He was placed on intravenous fluids for the duration of the procedure to help support his liver and kidneys and to maintain his blood pressure. Dr Andrea cleaned and polished Bok's teeth while Nurse Dee monitored his vital signs and anaesthetic. While Bok was under anaesthetic, Dr Andrea discovered that one of his teeth was fractured and needed to be removed. This can often happen as a close examination of an animal's mouth is not always possible while they are conscious. Sometimes issues are discovered once the animal is asleep that could not be detected while they were awake.

Bok's tooth came out easily and he was soon recovered and ready to go home. Bok's owner will now aim to keep his teeth nice and clean with lots of chewing and dry food.