Bindi's leg surgery

Bindi is a 7 year old Papillon who has been coming to Reservoir Veterinary Clinic for many years. Late last year, her owner brought her to see us as she had become very lame on her left hind leg. Dr Raj examined her and x-rays of her leg were taken to see what the issue was. The x-rays revealed that Bindi's cruciate ligament was ruptured. This is a ligament inside the knee joint and its rupture can cause discomfort, lameness and swelling.

The options were to treat medically with pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs, or to repair the ligament surgically. At the time, Bindi's owner opted to try to treat the problem medically. Bindi came back to us this month having tried the treatment but was still limping and looking uncomfortable. This time Dr Raj and Bindi's owner decided to go ahead with the surgery.

Cruciate surgery involves rebuilding the ligament to stabilise the joint. Dr Raj admitted Bindi into hospital on the day of the surgery and nurses Dee and Lauren made sure Bindi was comfortable before inserting a catheter for intravenous fluid therapy. These fluids would support Bindi's liver and kidneys while she was under anesthetic and help to maintain her blood pressure.

Dr Raj performed the surgery while Dr Tanya assisted and learned how the surgery is performed. Nurse Dee monitored Bindi's vital signs and anaesthetic throughout the surgery. Bindi was given some strong pain relieving medications to help her during her recovery. The operation went smoothly and Bindi went home the next day. She will need lots of rest for the next few weeks, and regular injections of Pentosan. This injection helps with joint inflammation and arthritis to make sure Bindi stays comfortable. If everything continues to go well, Bindi should be up and about in no time!