Biggie's Procedure

Biggie attended our clinic in mid October for his final puppy vaccinations. At 12 weeks of age, he was an adorable Shar Pei puppy. Dr. Lan Tran, the Veterinarian on duty, met them in the waiting room before taking them through to consult.

While examining him in consult, it was evident to Dr. Lan that Biggie was suffering from entropion. Entropion is a genetic condition of the eye where the eyelid is inverted or folded inward. Often, this causes the eyelashes to irritate or even scratch the eye. In severe cases this can lead to corneal ulceration and even loss of vision. Entropion is a common occurrence in Shar Pei's, given the amount of skin folds on their face. As seen in Biggie's photo, his skin folds were almost covering his entire eye. It is important in breeds susceptible to such eye conditions to have them checked out as young as possible such as in the case of Biggie.

Dr. Lan recommended that entropion surgery was Biggie's best option. Since he was young and still growing a temporary eyelid tuck was the way to go. The primary goal of temporary tucking is to prevent serious eye damage until the puppy is old enough to undergo a more permanent repair.

As Biggie had not been desexed either, it was decided that doing both the castration and eyelid tuck at the same time was most efficient and best for the pet. Biggie was booked in for his procedure a few days later.

The morning of the procedure Biggie was admitted by Dr. Lan and assisted by Nurse Sharyn. He was placed on an intravenous catheter for his fluids and then given the general anaesthetic for his procedure. After his castration was complete, Dr. Lan moved on to fixing his eye folds. Using sutures, she rolled the skin folds out exposing the eyes beneath. Done on both the upper and lower lids, the sutures will be left in for a few weeks. After that point, the hope is that Biggie will be referred to a specialist for a more permanent solution once he is a little older. We will be sure to keep everyone posted on Biggie's recovery!