Bella gets a 'nose job'

Bella is an 8 year old white cat who has on-going problems with skin cancer. You might remember reading about Bella earlier in our newsletter when our vets performed surgery on her ears to remove a cancer. These cancerous tumours often appear on sun-exposed parts of the body, such as the ears and nose.

White pets are especially susceptible to these kinds of cancers, especially cats as they love to sit in the sun. Bella was previously treated with cryosurgery where the tumours are killed by freezing them, as well as having sections of her ears removed to get rid of the cancer. This month Bella had further surgery to remove a tumour on her nose. This surgery is called a nasal planum resection and was performed by Dr Suzanne.

On the day of her surgery, Bella was admitted into hospital, and Dr Suzanne and nurse Kara placed her on intravenous fluids. Fluid therapy helps to support the patient's liver and kidneys as well as maintain a normal blood pressure. Bella was then placed under anaesthetic and a tube was placed in her trachea to ensure her airway stayed open during the surgery. She was kept asleep during the procedure through the use of an anaesthetic gas which she breathed through the tube. While she was asleep, nurse Kara monitored her vital signs to make sure she was doing well.

Dr Suzanne removed a large section of Bella's nose, leaving behind only healthy tissue. When the surgery was finished, nurse Kara continued to monitor Bella as she couldn't breathe through her nose straight away. Kara had to make sure that Bella was getting enough air until she was fully awake.

Bella went home the next day and was already breathing through her new nose. She returned for checks every few days and her recovery was smooth. Her stitches were taken out a couple of weeks later.

While Bella might look a little different now, the surgery has saved her life and removed the cancer. Bella still comes in for regular checks with the vets and we hope she won't need any more surgery for a while!