Bad teeth can be a pain - Meet Charlie

Eight year old Charlie the cat was brought to Reservoir vet Clinic when his owner found he had stopped grooming himself. This had resulted in his coat becoming very matted.

When Dr Wayne Fitzgerald thoroughly examined Charlie, Wayne found that Charlie had severe dental disease. It was because his mouth was so painful that he could no longer groom himself.

Dr Wayne recommended that Charlie have a general anaesthetic so his teeth could be examined closely and a dental prophylaxis performed. When Charlie was under anaesthetic, Dr Wayne was able to record the condition of each tooth individually and radiograph those which were particularly diseased. These radiographs showed that three of Charlie’s teeth had become so diseased that they needed to be removed.

Charlie was given local anaesthetic injections into his mouth to provide pain relief prior to the teeth being removed. The remainder of Charlie’s teeth were cleaned and polished.

A much happier Charlie went home to his owner that afternoon after recovering on his heating pad in the hospital. Dr Wayne recommended that Charlie change his diet to completely balanced dry foods, which are designed to encourage chewing such as Hills t/d to keep his teeth clean and healthy.