Armo's broken leg

This month’s patient of the month is an 11 year old Poodle cross called Armo. Armo was being minded by friends of his owners when he stopped using his front leg. His minders brought him down to Reservoir Vet clinic, and straight away all the staff fell in love with Armo.

Dr Andrea Montesano radiographed Armo’s right front leg and discovered Armo had fractured his radius and ulnar, the bones in his front leg. Armo’s owners were advised that he would require an anaesthetic to surgically mend his broken leg.

Armo was placed on intravenous fluids to support his blood pressure throughout the anaesthetic which nurse Lauren closely monitored. Dr Andrea and Dr Raj performed the surgery which involved internal fixation of the fractured bone. The doctors placed a pin inside the bone fragments to join the two parts together. A cast was then applied to Armo's leg to add further support and aid the healing process.

Armo was sent home the next day on strict rest and confinement. His cast would need checking weekly. Armo’s owners were reminded that Armo was not a spring chicken anymore, so his bones would take longer to heal than a younger dog.

Four weeks after his surgery Armo had another radiograph taken of his leg. This showed his leg was healing well but was not completely healed yet. A new cast has now been applied to support his leg and Armo will revisit in another 3-4 weeks for his next x-ray checkup.