Ally's perfect bite

Not all dogs are born with a perfect bite, just like humans. This was the case for Ally the Labrador. Little Ally’s lower canine teeth were pointing in the wrong direction and biting into the roof of her mouth. This caused Ally a great deal of discomfort.

Just like in humans, dogs can have the position of their teeth moved using orthodontic procedures. At 11 months of age Ally’s owners brought her to Reservoir Vet Clinic for an appointment with Dr. Wayne Fitzgerald. Dr Wayne had already examined Ally when she was younger, and now she was old enough to have a bite-plane made to fix the position of her teeth.

Prior to having her anaesthetic Ally was given a thorough examination including a blood test to check her organs were functioning properly. Ally was also placed on intravenous fluids to support her organs throughout the anaesthetic.

Once under anaesthetic Dr Wayne was able to mould a bite-plane to fit against the roof of Ally’s mouth. Just like humans have plates fitted for their mouths, over time, Ally’s bite- plane would gently move her teeth into their correct position.

Ally went home that afternoon totally unaware of what had happened. She will visit the clinic weekly until the bite-plane is removed.