A new look on life for Macy

Macy, a sweet little Bichon Frise, visited us in January as she had ran into a table the night before and had given her a left sore eye. Due to the severe swelling Dr Suzanne advised Macy's owner to medicate her with eye and oral medications, and return the following day for an examination.

The next day the swelling in Macy's eye had reduced considerably enabling our veterinarian to examine her eye thoroughly. Although Macy seemed a lot happier in herself, unfortunately her eye was showing signs of severe trauma with suspected loss of vision. A treatment plan was decided upon with revisits every 5 to 7 days with the hope of saving Macy's eye and hopefully her sight.

Unfortunately Macy's eye was not responding well to the treatment so an appointment with an eye specialist was suggested. It was recommended that it would be best to remove Macy's injured eye as vision had been lost and pressure was building in the eye. If the pressure continued to build it could cause the eye to rupture.

Surgery to remove Macy's left eye was booked. On the day of the surgery, Macy was presented at the clinic early in the morning and placed in a cage lined with soft bedding and given an injection to relax her and to give some pain relief. An intravenous fluid line was then placed to hydrate her during surgery, maintain her blood pressure and to help support her internal organs. The surgery to remove her eye was performed by Dr Andrea. After the surgery Macy was given more pain relief and some antibiotics to ward off infection.

Four days after surgery Macy revisited us for her post operative examination. She was energetic, lively and happy to see everyone. Macy's owner was pleased that her little girl was recovering so well. One week later the stitches were removed from the eye and Macy was given her clean bill of health with a 'new look on life.'