A new habit for an old dog - mystery solved!

11 year old Chichi was brought to Reservoir Vet clinic to see Dr Andrea Montesano after her owner noticed some changes in Chichi’s behaviour. Her owner was concerned as Chichi had begun barking in the middle of the night. This was obviously distressing to Chichi and a concern to family and neighbours.

Chichi, who used to sleep in the garage was now reluctant to. She did not want to go outside at all and had become very distressed. When she did go outside at night, she had taken to going into the middle of the back yard and barking for hours on end.

Her owners were quite distressed by these changes and decided to see Dr. Andrea for advice. Dr. Andrea gave Chichi a thorough examination and found her to be in good condition. A lengthy behaviour consult then followed. From this consultation Dr Andrea could determine the reasons behind Chichi’s unusual behaviour.

Dr Andrea explained to Chichi’s owners that as dogs get older they can show behaviour changes which can be likened to the symptoms of dementia in some elderly humans. Dr Andrea suggested some options of behaviour modification and medical treatment to help improve these clinical signs associated with the ageing process.

Five days later Dr Andrea called Chichi’s owners to see how Chichi behaviour problems were. Her owners were pleased to report that Chichi was much improved and no longer barking at night for no reason.

To make an appointment for a behaviour consult with Dr Andrea Montesano please contact the clinic on 9471 0155 to speak to one of our veterinary nurses.