A dislocated elbow for Merlot the cat!

Fighting is never a good idea as Merlot, the 1 year old male cat found out. His owner brought him to the clinic when they found he couldn’t walk on his right front leg. When Merlot was examined by Dr Wayne, he found multiple bite wounds on Merlot’s legs, but a thorough examination of his leg couldn’t be made as it was too painful. Merlot was admitted into hospital for radiographs to be taken of his leg while under general anaesthetic.

Radiographs taken of Merlot’s leg showed that he had dislocated his right elbow. Replacement of the elbow joint was attempted but not successful. The owners were informed that surgical fixation of the joint was the next option. This would involve surgically opening the joint and manipulating the bones back into the correct position. The surgery was scheduled for the following day so Merlot was recovered on a heat pad and given pain relief. His elbow was bandaged firmly to give support over night.

The following day Dr Wayne and Dr Andrea performed surgery on Merlot's elbow under general anaesthetic. It took the doctors a little under an hour to replace the bones back into the normal position. Merlot’s leg was placed in a half cast during his recovery and he was given further pain relief.

Merlot recovered well from the surgery and was more comfortable once his dislocated elbow had been fixed. He was kept confined in hospital for the next three days under close observation, where he received lots of cuddles from the staff. When Merlot went home he was still wearing a splint on his leg. His owner needed to keep him inside to keep the dressing dry. Merlot was not happy about this arrangement.

Merlot returned to the clinic five days later to check how his leg was going. He was given another anaesthetic, the splint was removed and another radiograph of Merlot’s leg was taken. The Doctors were pleased to find the joint was in position still, but a little stiff. Merlot’s leg was then given a light dressing to support the joint, but allow him to use it as he normally would.

A very happy Merlot was pleased to be able to use his leg freely again, but was given strict instructions not to get into any more fights, especially with dogs.