Meet our team

Dr Andrea Montesano - Veterinarian

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Vet Dr Andrea Montesano
  • BVSc

Andrea graduated at Melbourne University and has been at Reservoir Vet Clinic since 1998. She has a strong interest in all areas of general vet practice - medicine, surgery, behaviour, exotic animals (the small fluffy and feathered ones), and is passionate about providing excellent customer service. Andrea attends further education every year on an ongoing basis in a variety of topics. She has completed a rabbits and rodents course, and opthamology conferences, behaviour distance education for one year, dermatology and cardiovascular conferences.

Andrea loves her clients, patients and team, and being part of Reservoir's community for over 20 years. She enjoys being able to listen and help people aid their pets and improve her patients' lives.

Andrea shares her home with Miso her Maltese X.


Dr Lan Tran - Veterinarian

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Vet Dr Lan Tran
  • BVSC (Hons)
  • Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Clinical Studies
  • MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine & Surgery)

Lan graduated from the University of Sydney in 1996. After working in Canberra for 2 years, Lan completed a surgical internship at a specialist center, a Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Studies, and a residency in small animal medicine at Sydney University. She also has memberships in small animal surgery and medicine from MACVSc. Lan was a head veterinarian of a small animal veterinary hospital in Sydney, before relocating home to Melbourne and began working at Reservoir Vet Clinic in 2013. Lan's areas of interests are endocrine (hormone dysfunction), neurology, soft tissue surgery and preventative medicine.

Lan is passionate about providing a first class veterinary care for her patients and their owners. The most exciting part of coming to work for her is that, there are never two days that are the same. Every day is different, different patients with different predicaments and meeting different people. Her patients forgive her as long as there is a reward at the end, and she loves that they never complain about being hugged and cheers her up on the busiest and most stressful day. 

Lan finds the most rewarding part of being a Vet is to be able to relieve an animal from pain, or to see a formerly too-sick-to-eat dog hungrily eating a bowl of food, or to see a cat with a of life-threatening urinary obstruction can now urinate with ease. She believes she has the best job in the world!

Lan lives with her family and two boisterous pugs, Amelia and Hippo. 


Dr Jessie Wong - Veterinarian

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Vet Dr Jessie Wong
  • DVM
  • BVSc
  • MRCVS (Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons)

Originally from Malaysia, Jessie graduated in Veterinary Science from the University Putra Malaysia in 2005, commencing work shortly after as a veterinarian for five years in Kuala Lumpur. In 2010, Jessie moved to the UK where she took two years off to focus on becoming a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Jessie moved to Singapore in 2012 where she continued her career as a veterinarian for four years before migrating to Melbourne and commencing her role here at Reservoir Vet Clinic in 2017. Jessie's special interests and experiences are in diagnostic imaging, feline internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.

Jessie loves being a vet because there are so many different, new and exciting cases to see and learn every day! There is never a dull day here at work; every day she is able to provide the best veterinary care to the pets in her care. She also really enjoys the process and challenge that can sometimes take place when obtaining a diagnosis then setting out a treatment plan to get a sick pet better again. Her favourite patient is Mummy cat who belongs to Nurse Hannah, because she is the most challenging patient.

Outside of work, Jessie enjoys travelling, reading, and listening to music. She is also an avid photographer. Despite having a passion for all animals, cats are her absolute favourite. She has a senior female mixed breed dog named Emma.


Dr Lily Ting - Veterinarian

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Vet Dr Lily Tran
  • DVM
  • BVSc

Originally from Taiwan, Lily completed her Bachelor Degree in Animal Science at National Taiwan University. Becoming a vet was always her dream, so she decided to come to Australia to pursue her life goal. After completing her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at University of Melbourne in 2017, Lily joined our Reservoir Vet team. Lily is interested in all aspects of small animal medicine and surgery with a special interest in neurology.

Lily finds being a vet a very rewarding profession as she enjoys promoting the health and welfare of my furry patients and bring happiness and hope for their family. The best part of her job is being able to see and help all different types of animals that step into our clinic.

At home, Lily has two dogs, a Border Collie named Cody and an Australian Shepherd named Lanie. She is fluent in Mandarin, so please let us know if you would like a vet consult in Mandarin.


Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Medical Consultant Vet Dr Sue Ramoo
  • BVSc

Dr Sue Ramoo graduated from the University of Sydney in 2004 and worked in general practice for 2 years, where she saw lots of dogs, cats, a few goats, some sheep and a couple of cows! During this time she developed an interest in internal medicine which led her to undertake an internship in critical care and internal medicine, which was followed by a 3 year residency at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Sue has since worked in private referral practices across Melbourne and is well versed in all aspects of internal medicine. She has been published in various veterinary journals and her interests include gastroenterology, endocrinology and oncology.

Outside of work, Sue dabbles in floristry and cooking. She also loves food, wine and bush walking. At home, Sue has a 6 year old Border Terrier named Lizzie, and a Princess Parrot called Kayne.

It is great to have Dr Sue Ramoo available for in-clinic assessment of those more complicated medical cases.


Rachael - PRactice Manager & Veterinary Nurse

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Practice Manager Rachael
  • Diploma in Surgical Nursing
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Rachael joined our team as our Practice Manager in April 2018. She is a qualified Veterinary Nurse with qualifications in Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and Diploma in Surgical Nursing. Rachael loves a job that is always changing in an industry that is constantly developing. She enjoys being able to educate and assist pet owners with learning and creating a connection with their fur babies.

Rachael has special interest in surgical cases. She recalls a case where an injured dog was brought through the clinic after being hit by a car and suffered serious spinal damage, fractured left and pelvis. Through a series of surgeries, Rachael supported our veterinary surgical team to repair his pelvis and leg, however the spinal cord damage was too servere and he wasn't able to utilise his back legs again. However....the team fitted him with a cart at the back end so he could then move around on his own! Rachael found this case the most satisfiying one that she had treated.

Rachael lives with her two feline fur babies, Milo and Charlee.

Sharyn - Veterinary Nurse

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Vet Nurse Sharyn
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Sharyn (or Shaz) has been at Reservoir Vet Clinic since January 2009. She started her Veterinary nursing career in 2005 and became a qualified nurse in 2007. Sharyn loves being an advocate for the animals and enjoys meeting and treating different fur babies and their owners that each day brings. Sharyn's special interests include exotic animals, pocket pets and birds.

Sharyn has a large menagerie of furry family members. She is the proud owner of two dogs named Bella and Prada, a 2-legged wonder cat called Kitty, an Alesandrian parrot named Popeye, 3 turtles, 1 blue tongue lizard and an aviary of birds!

With this array of animals Sharyn definitely has the largest furry family at the clinic!


Rebecca - Veterinary Nurse 

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Vet Nurse Rebecca
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Rebecca first joined our team back in 2009 as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse. After obtaining her Veterinary Nursing qualification Rebecca decided to take a break to travel overseas. On her return, she spent 12 months working as a locum in our clinic as well as our sister clinics around Melbourne. Rebecca is now a full time Vet Nurse at Reservoir Vet Clinic and loves being surrounded by hardworking, like-minded people each day. It gives her such fulfillment to be able to nurse sick pets back to health, seeing their tails wag again or getting a headbutt and purr from a cat. She finds this so rewarding. Rebecca's special interests include feline behaviour and medicine.

At home, Rebecca lives with her two very entertaining cats, Poppy and Alfie. 


Hannah - Veterinary Nurse

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Vet Nurse Hannah
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Hannah joined our team in September 2017 to being her veterinary nursing career. She enjoys coming to work each day and being part of our great, fun and friendly team as well as being surrounded by animals and having the ability to help them.

Hannah has special interests in equine. She has both large and small animals at home. Her largest is her horse named Mary; she has two cats called Maxwell and Mummy (Maxwell's mother); a guinea pig called Mrs Guinea Pig; and a budgie named Larry. With all of these companions at home Hannah came to us with caring nature and the positive attitude needed for a career in veterinary nursing. Look out for her smiling face the next time you visit the clinic!

Tess – Veterinary Nurse

Reservoir Veterinary Clinic - Vet Nurse Tess
  • Associate Degree in Veterinary Nursing

Tess joined our wonderful team in February 2018. She has been working with both large and small animals since 2013. She graduated from Melbourne Polytechnic in 2016 with a Associate Degree in Veterinary Nursing. Tess loves working within a team of other hard working, friendly and experienced vets and nurses. She loves being able to deliver the best standard of care to each patient and being able to help pet owners give the best care for their pets. Tess enjoys helping to make our clinic as stress free for the patients as possible.

Tess lives with her elderly poodle named Poppy, a Hungarian Vizla named Sully, Gypsy the cat and Gypsy's best friend Benjamin the Bunny. Tess has a keen interest in learning about behaviour and stress-free handling techniques.